You don’t have to be a dancer to workout at the barre!


A Barre class is a fun and effective workout incorporating exercises done at a ballet barre combined with elements of ballet, Pilates, and Yoga.

Set to high-energy music, Barre can help you transform your body for a healthier, leaner and more toned physique. Classes can be adapted for all fitness and experience levels.


Barre exercises rely mainly upon one's bodyweight for resistance, and the moves challenge your core stability and balance. Barre workouts are designed to help achieve a “dancer’s body” — strong, sleek, and streamlined.


Barre class is done in the dance studio. Like Yoga and Pilates classes students have bare feet but some prefer to wear socks with grippy bottoms. Class usually goes for just under an hour and consists of a 5-10 minute warm up, 10-15 minutes of upper bodywork, 20-30 minutes of barre exercises (mostly lower body), 10 minutes of floor work that includes abdominals and lower body exercises.  Most classes end with a cool down and final stretches.


Barre can help you achieve all of your fitness goals including:


  • Increased energy & endurance

  • Improved self esteem & body image 

  • Lean legs

  • Lifted seat

  • Flat abs & smaller waist

  • Toned arms

  • Increased strength and flexibility


New to barre? So is the whole city. Don’t be intimidated, we won’t bite!


Here are a few frequently asked questions:


What should I wear for a Barre class?

Grip socks are recommended and will be available for you to purchase from the studio. Bare feet is fine also.


Otherwise, yoga or dancewear is appropriate. Whatever you are comfortable moving in



What should I bring to a Barre class?


Bring water to stay hydrated. Everything else is provided.




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