Power Yoga is a dynamic form of contemporary asana movement.


This style of practice was originally closely modeled on the Astana method in an attempt to make Ashtanga Yoga more safe and accessible to western students, coming to yoga later in life. 


Modern day philosophy is also blended into class, nothing airy-fairy, just a gentle reminder to stay present in your practice.


A beautiful connection of breathe to movement is cultivated throughout class. It’s a great cardio and fat burning workout that develops flexibility, strength and agility. 35 - 40 minutes of dynamic movement followed by deep hip opening and muscle release.


The practice is sealed with a short savasana (relaxation).


Some of the many benefits of Power Yoga:


  • Increase strength & cardiovascular fitness

  • Improve posture and flexibility

  • Breath focus increases lunge capacity

  • Less stress more calm enhances 

  • Concentration and mood 

  • Improves muscle tone

  • Increases stamina and range of movement

  • Burns calories

  • Promotes blood circulation and boosts the immune system

  • Eliminates toxins through sweat


Less stress more calm


Enhances concentration and mood