With 19 years of teaching experience behind her Jane Pascoe is qualified to teach a range of dance styles, Ballet, Modern Jazz and Contemporary to name but a few.


Jane holds the highest teaching qualifications obtainable in dance through the

International Dance Teachers Association.


Professional development is something Jane is totally committed to. It adds to the quality of teaching that is passed onto her students.


Jane’s breadth of experience ranges from Pre School to adults for recreation and professional Dance Training and in 2011 she added Power Yoga to her list of teaching qualifications. Her dance students and the wider community have responded enthusiastically to these classes and she is excited about the prospect of its future growth, which has recently included Pre Natal, Teen and Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga.


Along with Yoga Jane teaches a Barre fitness class which has become incredibly popular in studios worldwide. A combination of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga this low impact but dynamic form of movement works at conditioning the body to create a longer leaner physique – just like a dancers!


Jane has a dance studio in Stoke for age 3+, and also teaches dance and teen yoga in Nelson at Peta Spooner Academy of Dance. Jane's other Yoga and Barre classes are in a beautiful studio at cityfitness, Quarantine Road. She also does contractual teaching work in education and classes at workplaces to name but a few.


If you have an idea you wish to initiate in your workplace or community get in touch with Jane, with her wealth of experience she will be able to help.


Newcomers are always welcome!