In my experience Jane's barre classes provide a fun, safe way to exercise your whole body. They incorporate strengthening, stretching and ballet warm up exercises and you don't need to be a dancer or under 40 to be able to do it.

Judy Soar  - Osteopath - (DO BSc (Hons) Ost Med)


Jane has been my dance, barre and sup yoga tutor over the last three years. She is a truly superb teacher combining the perfect elements of a complete workout-strength, tone, warmth, stamina, technique and FUN! 

During the course of attending Jane's classes I have:

- increased my core strength and flexibility

- developed overall muscle tone and conditioning including less cellulite!

- found a spiritual focus and comfortability in my own skin


Jane is a skilled and professional tutor and her classes are the best I have ever attended. I look forward to them all week. 

I have been coming to Barre class for two terms now and absolutely love it! I especially love the dance/ballet aspect (reliving my ballet 'youth':-), moving to music and I'm definitely feeling the benefits. I feel more toned and much stronger. Jane is a fabulous teacher, she explains things very clearly and ensures we're doing each exercise correctly to participate safely and gain the best benefits.  Thank you Jane for your awesome Barre workouts, I'll definitely come again next year!



Through yoga with Jane and her help and advice I noticed huge developments in not only my strength and flexibility but also (and arguably more importantly) my self confidence to test my ability increased. It became easier to push my limits and in turn I noticed so many rewards.



I've been wanting to take Barre class for a while and was happy to discover Jane's classes right here in Nelson. Jane is an excellent teacher. She is welcoming and approachable and a calm yet encouraging manner during class. I look forward to an hour of Barre class a few times a week knowing that each class will be different from the previous, but always challenging. I can definitely see and feel the difference in my body after a term of Barre. I highly recommend you give Jane's classes a try!



I started doing yoga primarily to try and get some flexibility into a body that has been overworked in sports and the gym. I was carrying a couple of injuries as well. I was a bit nervous at first as I thought it would be a bit slow and maybe a bit weird! But it has been so good – Jane’s power yoga is awesome. It flows and feels fantastic for the body and the mind.

Jane explains everything so well – what we are expected to do, gives plenty of options and talks you through the reasons and benefits of each posture. It is not ‘airy fairy’ but structured and informative.

I have gotten so much more out of the classes than flexibility – while that has improved it is only a small part of the benefits. I am a lot stronger in the body and mind and am more balanced for my gym and sports. I have learned how to breathe properly and how to work through perceived limitations – whether physical or mental. I didn’t find anything weird, once you get into yoga the holistic side makes sense and works in well with how the body works. Plus I am now injury free J

Jane s style is lovely; she is an inspiration to keep going. I can’t believe after all my years of hard physical training I could’ve cut so many corners by incorporating power yoga into my weekly routine.

I am totally hooked - you come away from each session feeling worked and wonderful.