The Yin to balance the Yang, this restorative style of yoga offers the time to go deep into your body, often holding poses for long periods with slower movements between. A beautiful practice to counter the busy ness of our daily lives.


Poses are held for 3-5minutes each targeting fascial stretching and gentle joint and ligament stress. This practice focuses on releasing fascia, which is basically connective tissue that sits under our skin and wraps around all muscles, through the organs and the entire body. 


 This practice is great for everyone in particular those who are new to yoga, have injuries and postural imbalances, or bodies feeling the effects of high impact and repetitive movements.


This style is an important way to practice, as it accesses deep stale energy stored in the body that over time has become stagnant due to the immobility of joints through inactivity, repetitive movements from sports and scar tissue caused by injuries. 


It is in the subtleties of this practice where we have the most profound experiences. The stillness of yin offers the opportunity to connect with breathe, calm the mind and give ourselves permission to go deeper into our bodies, feel the different type of sensations of connective tissue stretching and bringing us closer to a meditative state